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2 Junkies is the unwanted stepchild of Broken Helm. It has been called "morally wrong" and for giving the show a voice the company was described as "ethically challenged". Viewer/Listener Discretion Advised.

Just 4 Today

2 Junkies was created by Travis Whitt to feature insight into the mind of addicts and trauma victims UNFILTERED. Much unlike Whitt's sometimes offensive rants, he is a positive and irreplaceable member in the local recovery community. His stream of consciousness style while riddled with minor strokes can be thought provoking and sometimes even inspirational. His co-host Nic tends to be his foil and the voice of reason for the show when it inevitably gos off the rails. See archived episodes and Watch LIVE on Thursdays @ 9PMish EST on Broken Helm's Youtube Channel and Facebook Channel.

Coming Soon to Normal Podcast Platforms!!!