Where to begin... This thing that is now a thing has been many other things until it became this thing. But Broken Helm has always functioned on the basis of one single philosophy and idea: A platform, facility and basic support for people who are afflicted with addiction and want to create.


This is not FUBU, what is created here is for everyone. A lot of times addicts like to stay in their community bubbles and the general public like to keep their distance but this company will hopefully help break that practice.


The amount of times I've heard "if I only had this (time, equipment, space, platform)" from extremely talented addicts cutting grass or waiting tables is staggering. Some of those people aren't with us anymore and I'd to think that if their vision had come alive maybe they would be too. 

So if you are an artist, streamer, musician, film maker or podcast host and you want support please email:  nickd@brokenhelm.com. If you aren't any of those yet and have a great idea that no one else will listen to or want to try, please email me as well. 

If you like what we are doing please support us on our Patreon.  But more importantly buy our Merch, Listen/ Watch Our Podcasts, Listen to our Musicians, Appreciate(buy) some Art, Follow our Streamers and Spread the Word. 


Much Love and Stay Alive,



This Company is Dedicated to Jon and Bill